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We articulate the different components of the home or office to the use and particular need of each client.

We simplify and economize on smart control of virtually any device in your home - from televisions to thermostats, from locks to lighting - no matter where you are, through an easy-to-use interface.

This is smart home control.



Discover some functions of the lighting control.

- General shutdown
- Favorable environment
- Time programming
- Anti panic

- Simulation
- illuminated path


Temperature setting can be done automatically based on time of day and room usage. Additionally, you can make manual adjustments if the room becomes stifling after a while after the projector has started working or the occupancy level is higher.


Maximum security to your home, through a wide safety net to protect both property assets, as well as your personal safety and the lives of your loved ones. Through Control 4, we automate all security, surveillance and control systems that include: security cameras, automated systems for opening and closing doors, windows and gates; smart locks, doorbells with cameras, among others.


Touch Screens and MyHome Mobile App.

Control everything in the house from your favorite device, be it a smart phone, a tablet or a laptop. In this way you can adjust the thermostat, change the television channels, turn off the lights and activate the security system from the device of your choice.



Integrate and control the different audio, video, lighting and drapery systems of your conference or meeting room. Play soft music or show a video over the projector with your company advertisement while the room is completed to start the meeting. Raise or lower the temperature. When you want, dim the lights and start the projection or video conference.

A pleasant environment for every use situation.

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