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It is possible that you overlook the most important ones as you try to get their work done. You can improve the efficient operation, service and maintenance of the hotel with NEWCOM automation. In this way, you can focus on the more important issue of taking care of your guests.

Perfect Hospitality Service

When the guests open the door, the "Welcome" scenario is activated. The curtains open, the lights come on, the TV shows the pre-personalized welcome screen and the music starts playing.


Customizable Experience

With a customizable experience, you offer your guests a unique and luxurious hospitality experience. Guests can program a “Good Morning” scenario that turns on the morning curtains and the news on the TV instead of an annoying alarm or phone ringing.

Energy Saving

Intelligent sensors detect the presence of guests in the room and adjust the thermostats to prevent energy wastage by turning the lights on and off accordingly. In addition, the one-touch “Green” button allows guests to switch to eco-friendly settings.

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