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Automating a Home Theater

We talked about automating your bedroom earlier this week; now it's time to talk about your home theater. Your smart home system does not have to be built all at once; you can add new features progressively.

Consolidating all of your devices on one screen is the greatest way to get direct access to all of your entertainment from your iPad or Remote Control.

Choose a Television if you have too much ambient light, a lot of windows without shades, and you don't regularly watch movies.

When you want to simulate the experience of going to the movies and have a Smart Lighting system installed in your house, use a projector.

Lighting is essential for your home theater, especially if it is dimmable. They enhance the movie-watching experience.

Your smart home system, as you already know, is all about integrations and automation, so...

  • When the movie begins, automatically dim the lights and turn on the air conditioning; however, when the movie is paused, automatically turn on the lights.

  • When the doorbell rings, pause the movie, turn on the lights, and show your security cameras on your near display or mobile phone instead of the home theater screen.


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