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Remote Controls and Practicality

Updated: May 11, 2022

We thought that as technology advanced, remote controls would become obsolete, especially with mobile phones that we carry around with us all the time. But, a few years ago, we realized the significance of remote control and why it is superior to using a phone.

Why Remote Controls over an App

Physical buttons allow us to determine the exact location of each button. When compared to a phone that is all screen, it is difficult to get tactile feedback from each button.

Most of the time, our phones' batteries are low or non-existent. That's why keeping our remote control dock in the home theater or the kitchen allows us to always have it available when needed with the battery fully charged.

It's not just for your TV, will let you control anything that is integrated with your smart home.

We've been talking about integration since day one; we want a smart home system that integrates all of our devices with a single app or remote control, and that's exactly what we get when we use a Control4 Remote Control.

It's not just about selecting what to watch on television. You will be able to use this remote control to lock your doors, adjust your thermostats, and close your blinds, among other things.


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