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Introduction to Keypads

We've talked about smart lighting and keypads in past articles, but I wanted to focus on keypads specifically because most of our clients associate them with lights only.

Keypads can perform complex operations or provide answers to a variety of issues that users may experience.

Play your favorite playlist

You can have a set of keypads to play your favorite Spotify playlists so that every time you press it's going to play it at the volume level you choose.

Each keypad button can have up to three functions or triggers. This implies that if you have a 5-button keypad, you can trigger up to 15 actions. So, they are quite powerful.

Create scenes that will trigger a group of actions

Scenes can include anything that is directly related to your smart home system, such as monitoring door status with a led, pressing a button to lock or open your garage, or watching your favorite TV show with the lights turned off.

Scenes are infinite in terms of what you can create; the only limitation is your installer's creativity.


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