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Introduction to Smart Lighting

smart lighting keypad

What is Smart Lighting?

Smart homes are all about integration, which means linking devices in various parts of your home to improve your quality of life. The lighting system, or smart lighting as we like to call it, is a core component of a smart home.

Lights started as a tool to help people see at night. To stay up at night reading or cooking after the sun had set. However, they have evolved into a mood-setting tool that we use to wake up, get work done, and unwind at the end of the day while watching a movie.

There are several smart lighting solutions on the market, but what distinguishes a great lighting system from the rest is its integration with the rest of your home.

Turning on a light will not just turn on a lightbulb; it will communicate to your house that you want to trigger a series of steps to accomplish a specific goal.

What can Smart Lighting do for you?

A smart lighting system allows us to create different scenes based on the time of the day if you are home or not, and the timer you set for your scenes. Let's look at various sceneries you can create with your smart home system:

Watch your favorite sport

With the push of a button, you can turn on your favorite sports channel, dim the lights to 20% in the color of your favorite team, and increase the volume of your television to 50%. After you've set up your television, you should tell your ice machine to start creating extra ice since your friends are coming over.

The game is done, and now it's time to party. Press a button on your keypad or tell Alexa to dim down the lights to 5%, play your favorite playlist in the garden, and switch on the lights and ice machine at the outdoor bar.

That's how you make the most of match days!

Ghosted House (Switch on the lights randomly)

While you're on vacation, it is common for a family member or friend to drop by your house to see whether everything is well and to water the plants. With a smart home system, you can achieve this automatically by simply using your phone from anywhere in the world.

You can set your lights to turn on randomly in different rooms of the house. You can even automate your shades to automatically raise when the sun comes out and lower when night comes. Set your system to water the plants twice a day, or as needed, depending on the temperature and time of day.

Birthdays and Holidays

Are you planning a surprise birthday party for your children? Your lights may automatically change to their preferred color while playing their favorite music with the push of a button or even their voice.

Set up your lighting to suit the beauty of your home throughout the holidays, with a Christmas mood.

How can you put it to use?

Scenes can be triggered by keypads, phones, tablets, voice assistants, motion sensors, and even specific times of the day.

Tell Alexa to use your chosen keyword to notify her that it is time to begin the cooking routine, which will result in the light going on at 100%, as well as the preparation of your recipe and music playlist.

When you go to bed, just press a button on your phone to set your house to "Good Night," which will turn out all lights except the external lights and arm your property's integrated security system.

That's all for today! To keep reading about home technology you can follow us on social media or read our previous posts.

If you are interested in starting a project related to smart home technology, please let us know so that we can help you!


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